Software Advantages

Automating your Telecom Expense Management (TEM) with an Asentinel-powered application allows you to manage every aspect of the telecom lifecycle from one application. The advantages of implementing our software are far reaching, with customers reporting both increase workflow efficiency and decreased telecom costs.

Here’s what Profit Recovery’s TEM solution, powered by Asentinel, can do for you:

Automate Workflow

  • The significant majority of your telecom invoices are received via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Asentinel is the Value-Added-Network (VAN) for EDI invoices
  • Optical Invoice Recognition (OIR) intelligently reads paper invoices with 100% accuracy
  • Customer-defined workflow for electronic routing and allocation of invoices
  • Flagged exceptions are tracked through to resolution with vendors
  • Flexible integrations with Accounts Payable/General Ledger (AP/GL), Human Resources and Enterprise Systems

Invoice Audit and Validation

  • Over 400 specific audit rules are applied to every invoice
  • Your business rules are configured down to the Universal Service Ordering Code (USOC) and service codes level
  • Audits against vendor tariffs using an optional tariff database
  • Contract compliance

Inventory and Asset Management

  • Central repository of all telecom assets
  • Inventory database configured to your hierarchical structure, terminology and reporting requirements
  • Complete Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) functionality or integration with existing ITAM software
  • Unlimited user-defined fields ensure all critical information can be queried and reported

Procurement and Change Management

  • Provisioning for all global telecom vendors and service types
  • All change management types (such as move, add, change, and disconnect)
  • Real-time updates to inventory, invoice processing, auditing and business intelligence
  • Vendor/carrier communication via email, eBonding, XML and/or EDI

Business Intelligence

  • 100% Web-based and secure
  • Detailed reporting specific to roles and requirements
  • Manage expenses, budgets, vendors, contracts, forecasts
  • Configurable dashboards unique to each user
  • MobileCheck+ allows users to mark personal vs. business calls
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