Managed Services

With Profit Recovery’s Managed Services – 100% of your telecom invoices, regardless of carrier, service type, currency or language are supported by the software. While the bulk will be processed via EDI; through our OIR technology – all paper invoices will be converted to electronic invoices and will be audited and securely mapped to the TEM application.

Profit Recovery’s managed services option is perfect for companies with an existing telecom department seeking to automate and streamline TEM processes. The Profit Recovery team, coupled with our patented technology, provides core managed services that ensure all invoice data in the application is received and electronically entered and mapped accurately and timely. Your team then uses the solution to maintain and update inventory, audit invoices, order services, manage vendors and drive business intelligence. Having the entire TEM lifecycle captured within one application ensures comprehensive visibility and analytics to support strategic decisions.

The following managed services come standard for Profit Recovery customers:


Profit Recovery will upload invoice data from 100% of your global carriers, regardless of the provider, currency, language billing medium or telecom service type. While our predominant invoice medium is EDI (with Asentinel serving as the Value-Added-Network {VAN}), all non-EDI invoices will be received and processed within the software through our Custom Import engine or via our proprietary OIR™ (Optical Invoice Recognition) technology. With TouchFree Managed Services you have the peace of mind of knowing Profit Recovery has not only taken responsibility for all of your telecom invoices, but that we will be using the most advanced technology to ensure that maximum detail and data are received, mapped, presented and processed. This results in optimal auditing, policy compliance, business intelligence and asset and cost management.


This is where Profit Recovery accepts responsibility for deciphering and entering all of your contract data into the application for purposes of auditing and contract/vendor management. With Contract Control, you are assured all of your hard work in maximizing vendor agreements is supported by the software.


MobileCheck+ allows users, through a web-based portal to identify personal calls from business calls. This optional managed service provides for accountability and reporting in compliance with corporate policy. The solution not only uses analytics to define calls, but will remember a designation from one month to another.

Note: Profit Recovery’s managed services solutions are available as either an Asentinel-Hosted or Customer-Hosted deployment and can be acquired as either a Perpetual or Subscription License structure. As with all Asentinel solutions, our commitments are backed with industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).