Aberdeen Analysis

The Aberdeen Group interviewed enterprise clients of Asentinel-powered TEM and clients of our competitors and concluded that Asentinel-powered solutions are superior to other ‘best-in-class’ TEM providers in the following areas:

  • Asentinel-powered customers are quite loyal, exceeding other Best-in Class
  • Asentinel-powered installations are faster than other Best-in-Class
  • Asentinel-powered solutions provide clients with (an incremental) 5 percent savings above their projected (savings) budgets 1 year ago and 2 years ago, which far surpasses Best-in-Class results
  • Client Savings with Asentinel-powered TEM are 6.0 – 8.7% HIGHER than other Best-in-Class TEM provider results
  • Asentinel-powered software has technology that is equal or superior to other vendors based on the number of Best-in-Class indicating technologies that it provides

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