TEM Outsourcing – Doing More With Less

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TEM Outsourcing – Doing More with Less

   Written by Robert Dawson, Asentinel

  October 31, 2012

Gartner recently reported that the worldwide IT outsourcing market grew 7.8% last year, to $251 billion in total revenue.  Why?

At least for Telecom Management (TEM), one multi-national Asentinel client defined the problem, “We had difficulty managing budget variances and identifying cost drivers, many of them much too difficult to decipher. Throughout our organization, we had a number of different telecom payment and management processes for handling and paying a large number of diverse invoices. We weren’t managing it properly.  And that was just the money side. Managing the network itself, especially mobile device churn and the myriad of headaches it posed, also begged for attention.”

Managing telecom expenses and assets has become increasingly complex among large, global organizations. Corporations’ reliance on manual processes to track and pay thousands of invoices in compliance with negotiated contracts is expensive and inefficient. The end results are misapplied rates, taxes and innumerable other incorrect charges.

Without an effective TEM solution, most customers never see the full benefit of the contract agreement they aggressively negotiated with their carrier and lose the full value of discounts, credits, and other valuable concessions. Additionally, the leverage of their vendor clout is minimally exploited. To oversimplify, money is being left on the table in large sums, simply due to mismanagement.

Why outsource Telecom Management?

When done properly, proactive management of your telecom environment provides visibility and actionable information needed to:

  • Process invoices and payments
  • Ensure contract compliance
  • Manage international roaming activity
  • Manage inventory requisites
  • Perform device reconciliation in terms or Move, Add, Change and Disconnect (MACDs) against invoice charges
  • Manage physical inventory
  • Better negotiate contracts
  • File and manage carrier disputes
  • Allocate charges
  • Safeguard against fraud, abuse and policy non-compliance

How do you get from where you are to where you should be, with respect to Telecom Management?  From where do you pull resources?  How do you gain the expertise required to do it effectively?

Outsourcing provides the ability to do more with less, allowing you to effectively manage the strategic aspects of your business, while effectively managing your telecom expenses.  Outsourcing gives you more business flexibility, in support of the scarce and highly valuable IT and Finance resources.  It can also provide the ability to focus on those areas where you can be truly great.  Through a TEM outsourced solution, enterprises of all sizes can perform all the tasks listed above effectively and efficiently.

Outsourcing TEM service brings integrity and control to an organization’s telecom expense system, driving down costs while preserving service levels and improving productivity. The expertise of TEM professionals identifies and prevents over-billing, highlights inaccurate invoicing and eliminates the need to pay for services that are not required.  Outsourcing leads to:

  1. Faster Recovery of savings
  2. Better utilization of internal resources
  3. Improved workflow
  4. Utilization of industry experience and insight
  5. Better tools, training and resources
  6. Enhanced flexibility and scalability

As a systems integrator, Asentinel can serve as a single point of contact for all your telecom needs. We will also seamlessly integrate into your existing business processes and easily scale to meet your evolving needs. As a centralized manager of all your telecom assets, Asentinel will ensure that you do not pay for services that are incorrect, unwanted, or duplicative.  By leveraging Asentinel’s TEM outsourcing expertise, we will drive down your telecom costs and allow you to focus key resources on market driven need.

Need another reason? TEM BPO can be self-funding, generating ROI in the first year. As referenced by Gartner, “BPO produces 2-4 times greater savings in the first 2 years than Managed Services.”

Through TEM Outsourcing, YES you can do more with less.

Tom Eagle and Eric Goodness. “How to Evaluate Telecom Expense Management Services”. Gartner for Enterprise IT Leaders. September 6, 2012.


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